Dragon Ball Super – Chapter 02


I was very surprised to see Kaio refer to Beerus as the “strongest in the universe”,
especially since we know from Battle of Gods and Toriyama himself that this isn’t the case.

In the last chapter, I translated Hakaishin as “God of Destruction”, but I now feel that was a mistake. “God of Destruction” (Hakai no Kami-sama) and “Hakaishin” (Destruction God) are used in the original Japanese as two different terms. Additionally, the Hakaishin parallel the Kaioshin (who cause worlds to be born), so if I were to translate Hakaishin as “God of Destruction” or “Destruction God”, I would need to translate Kaioshin as “God of the Kings of Worlds” for consistency. With that in mind, I feel that it’s best to keep the original names like I’ve been doing these past few years.

With luck, I’ll have the third chapter out before the end of September.

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