Double post! Dragon Ball Volume 24 + Super Chapter 01!


Volume 24 is finally finished! Links will be included at the end of the post.
Volume 25 begins next Friday.

Now, onto Super!


When MangaStream released the first chapter of Super, I was blown away by their high quality scan; really impressive work! Unfortunately, the translation that accompanied it was a little dry at times, and they localized the soup joke without leaving a note. There were also a couple of outright mistakes, such as having Kaiōshin refer to the aliens that Beerus “destroyed” as his ancestor.

Shortly after reading it, ALG contacted me, asking if I wanted to work with our mutual friend Emma on a re-translation, with the goal of fixing it all up to be the best that it could be. I agreed, and now here we are! There’s nothing drastically different in here, but everything’s “correct” now, the typesetting is cleaner, and it’s hopefully a little nicer to read on the whole.

This was mostly intended for our personal collections, but hopefully others will get some joy out of it, too. Thanks again to ALG for letting me use his copy of V-Jump, MangaStream for their excellent scans, and Emma for her assistance!

PS: If anyone could scan me a nicer version of the cover, that would be great!

Volume 24: Mega, Mediafire
Password: dinky

Super: Mega
Password: dinky